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Ramillies Estate Newsletter No. 31

January 2015 Updates

Hello and Happy New Year,

A few items have come up since the December Newsletter that are happening soon.

Christmas Tree collection

If you've had a real Christmas Tree and don't want the hassle of chopping it up and filling your green bin, Just Helping are offering to collect them for just £5 between 10th and 11th January.

Donations are going to St Ann's Hospice. Just book in on their website then leave your tree in the driveway or visible outside and they will do the rest.

WEA Courses

WEA Courses start next week. There's a full list on the website linked from the front page if you feel like starting the New Year learning something new.

Messy Church

The last Messy Church (at least for now) will be on January 18th from 4pm to 6pm at the Methodist Church. There will be a party to celebrate the six years it has run, along with the usual crafts, games etc.

Messy Estate?

A few people have commented on an increase in dog mess and litter on the pavements around the Estate. People walk through the Estate to get to the fields with their dogs so the culprits could come from anywhere.

A reminder that you can report irresponsible owners or just arrange for a clean up on the Council site. Alternatively, text details of any owners you see not picking up dog mess to 07624 805 662 stating date, time and a brief description. The Council will then try to locate them and take appropriate action.

It would be nice not to have any litter either but at least it's not as unpleasant to clean up. If we each deal with the section in front of our houses, it shouldn't be too onerous and the Estate will look a lot nicer.


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As ever, please send in any ideas or news.


Ramillies Estate Newsletter 31 - 7 Jan 2015

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