Ramillies Estate News

March 2015

Attempted car theft

On Thursday 5th March at around 01:30, there was an attempted theft from a vehicle parked on a driveway on the estate.

The hooded offenders were disturbed when the resident heard them break the rear window of his vehicle and banged on the bedroom window

They ran to a Peugeot 206 which they had parked just round the corner on Marlborough Avenue. A witness observed four men wearing hooded tops/jackets in the same vehicle driving up and down Musbury, Cranbourne and Marlborough briefly before selecting their target and provided details including the vehicle registration number to police.

The police reacted quickly and apprehended two men matching the description in the Peugeot 206 within the Stockport West district but, since on this occasion they were disturbed and left with nothing, there is likely little evidence with which to lead to a serious prosecution.

Please be vigilant and inform the local police on 101 if you witness any further suspicious behaviour, particularly if the Peugeot 206 is seen again

October 2014

Thieves on Estate

On Tuesday 28th October at 23:45, two young white males were seen trying car doors on Musbury Avenue

The Police were contacted and the helicopter was over the estate.

The people were males around 17/18 years old, white with anoraks on with large hoods covering their faces and wearing gloves.

They were also looking into houses where lights were on and going round the backs.

March 2013

Power Out again!

The power went out all over the Estate at about 2.20pm on 18th March 2013. Flames were seen at the sub-station between Musbury and Brabant.

Power was restored to the South part of the Estate within 30 minutes but houses near the sub-station were still without power at 7pm.

A generator arrived shortly after that to provide power in the evening and Engineers are working on the fault.

October 2012

Sad News at Ramillies Hall School

The sad news that a nine-month-old baby girl has died has been reported in the local press. The little girl died in hospital on 23rd October 2012 after being taken there by ambulance from Ramillies Hall School.

Police and ambulances were called to the School after reports a child was choking.

Our thoughts are with her parents, family and all involved with the school.

Attempted Mugging

On Saturday 6th October, there was an attempted mugging on Monmouth Road. A 65 year old man was walking home from Tesco at around 10pm and was near the Landmark House car park entrance when 2 people wearing hoodies, coming from the Blenheim direction demanded his wallet and phone.

He managed to swing the bag of shopping at one and jostled with the other, after which they both ran off empty handed but left him with a black eye and cuts requiring stitches but is otherwise fine.

January 2011

Minor Crime

A set of hedge cutters was stolen from a garage on Ramillies over Christmas whilst the occupant was away. The following week, two plastic hanging baskets were stolen from the front of the same house. The police were informed.

September 2010

"Improved" recycling and refuse

You may have received a letter from Stockport Council saying they've completed "improvements to your recycling and refuse collection service".

One improvement is that we're at last to get wheelie bins some 30 years after other Councils and when we're cutting down on "non recyclables". The collection day for the Estate changes to being on a Thursday for everything rather than Monday and Thursday. The green bin will have a separate caddy for food waste.

The big change which is somewhat glossed over though is that the new wheelie bin for "non-recyclables" will only be collected once a fortnight and the brown cans, glass and plastic bin will be collected once every 4 weeks.

Youths on Ramillies

On Friday 10th September, 3 youths were seen acting strangely on Ramillies Avenue. They ran towards the fields but it was discovered that they had put up two pieces of wire across the road at head height between two lamp posts and trees opposite.

A car had driven into the first one and sustained damage. The police were called and looked for the culprits but didn't catch anyone.

Please be vigilant and if you see anything suspicious, call the police.

January 2010

Snow stopping people going out

The snow looks pretty but has made pavements and roads treacherous. The elderly and less mobile may be unable to get out to the shops so we're looking for people who are willing to pick up some extra items when they go shopping. Thanks to all those who have responded so far.

If you're unable to get out yourself, please email us using the contacts section and we'll put you in touch with someone who will help.


We've asked our Councillors if Ramillies can be gritted in full due to the traffic to the two schools. They assure us that this will now be done though the heavy snow on Monday 4th January meant that major routes needed to be cleared urgently in preference.
Once they’re back to a more normal gritting routine, Ramillies road (and one pavement all being well) should be gritted whenever icy conditions are anticipated.

September 2009

A number of burglaries on the Estate

There have been a high number of burglaries on the Estate in the past month and as many as 15 in the past week alone.

Access is being gained through insecure windows and doors and the target seems to be jewellery, not cars as in the recent past. Police have stepped up patrols on the Estate.

Garages being targetted overnight

Last Thursday (10th September 2009), there was an attempted break-in to a garage overnight. The would-be thieves were either scared off or gave up before getting in but did some damage to the garage door.
There was also a similar occurrence on Saturday night (12th) where it looks like someone got into a garage but no damage was done and nothing appeared to be missing - again possibly disturbed.

If your garage isn't part of your alarm system, separate alarms can be bought and aren't expensive or you can buy posts and dead bolts to physically secure the door.

August 2009

Ramillies Hall School 125 Year Anniversary in October

Ramillies Hall School will have been teaching children for 125 years by this October. To celebrate this, there is a reunion planned for Saturday 3rd October 2009. Past pupils should contact the school secretary to register.

Further details can be found on the Ramillies Hall 125 year anniversary page.

July 2009

Drunken youths

Two cars were damaged at around 2am on Friday 17th July at the top end of Marlborough, parallel to Ramillies. 3 youths were walking down the road towards the Methodist Church, apparently having had a drink and being very loud. They attacked one car, kicking off the wing mirror and kicked another car thankfully causing little damage. If anyone else had any problems at the same time or encounters any other vandalism, please email it in.

Car Thieves

There were at least 2 incidents on the Estate involving cars on driveways in the early hours of Tuesday 14th July. These were at the far end of Blenheim (where the would-be thieves fled across the fields when disturbed) and the Blenheim end of Brabant.

In one of the incidents, the car keys were near the front door and a hook was used to get them through the letterbox. Fortunately the car wasn’t taken but some valuables in the car were.

Please ensure that keys aren't left anywhere near your door, though do keep them handy in case of fire. For further tips, please see the Crime prevention page

Assault in Ladybrook Valley - Man Charged

A man has been charged following the three asssaults on elderly ladies walking their dogs in the last few weeks, the most recent on Tuesday 30th June 2009. They were in Bramhall Park, near Bramhall Park Tennis Club and near Dorset Avenue.

Stuart Richard Hulme, 29, of Councillor Lane (originally from Guildford) was arrested in the Surrey area on Tuesday 8th July 2009 and charged. He was remanded in custody following an appearance before Stockport Magistrates' Court on Thursday 10th July 2009.

September 2008 - Now!

Blenheim to Ladybridge Road Footpath

The process of trying to have the paths between Blenheim and Seven Arches and Ramillies and Seven Arches (over the top fields) declared as Public Footpaths is still ongoing. Thanks to all of those who completed the testimony forms and sent them to Cllr. Wyatt. Unfortunately that wasn't very many and we could do with a lot more to assist in presenting the case.

Though it needs to be demonstrated that the paths have been used for at least 20 years, individual testimonies do not need to span the whole 20 years. 20 different cases of people who used the path each of the last 20 years would still prove the path has been seen as public for that long. If you can testify to having used the path at all during the last 20 years, that will be very helpful.

For further details, please see the dedicated page about the path.

January 2008 - Now!

Right turn into Ramillies

I pointed out to the Council some time ago how dangerous the right turn lane is when traffic is allowed to park on Station Road at the junction. Traffic pulling out to pass parked cars cuts across the right turn lane. Cllr. Wyatt agreed and has also pointed this out.
There has been one crash and lots of near misses. If you could help badger the Council to get their Roads people to prevent parking immediately outside the Quaker meeting room, it would make it safer for everyone.

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