LadyBridge - Blenheim Path

Footpaths between the Ladybrook Valley and the Ramillies Estate

In August/September 2008, the fields at the end of the Estate were sold by the farmer and the new owner originally cordoned off the paths between seven arches and Blenheim and Seven Arches across the fields to Ramillies. After some protest, he acknowledged the mistake and made access available again.
This is not currently a public footpath but, having been used for over 2 years, it is possible that it could be designated public.

If you have used either path at any time over the last 20 years (it doesn't have to be for the whole period) then your testimony could help.
Please help us have these useful paths declared public by completing a testimony form that you have used them.
Note that the path running along the stream from Seven Arches to Bramall Hall and up to the end of Ramillies is already a public footpath and is not being contested.
You can either download the form or email for one to be delivered to you (please state name and address and number required). Please note that if you can testify to using both paths, this needs to be on two separate forms.

Notes for completion.

There are a few key areas when complting the forms:

  1. Each path requires a separate form to be completed so if you have used both paths, 2 forms need to be completed. It is duplication of a lot of details but they are separate applications so the regulations need separate forms. Sorry.
  2. State exactly which path you are referring to (the one from Blenheim to Seven Arches OR the one from Ramillies over fields to Seven Arches).
  3. Draw on the map the path to which you are referring and clearly identify it. You can refer to these sketches if it helps.
  4. Sign the sketch to confirm you have identified the path

If you need assistance or want a form to be dropped off, please email us and we'll be happy to arrange to help.
Thank you for your time.

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