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In the Community page, you can find articles, info and advice concerning Ramillies Estate and Cheadle Hulme. The headings link to further pages:

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Newspaper advert with item circled

If you live on the Estate or in Cheadle Hulme, you can advertise small items for sale free for 3 weeks. Or, if you just want something to go to a good home for free, you can list it here too. Don't throw it away - see if someone else can take it off your hands and give it a good home. This is called "freecycling"!

To put an item on the site, you can email us here. If you don't want to give your contact details out, you can give them to us and we'll put any buyers/freecyclers who email us in touch with you. Simple!

Cartoon of toddler in high chair

If you have a toddler, there's some information here about playgroups in Cheadle Hulme and a few other things to keep them busy!

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