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In the Community page, you can find articles, info and advice concerning Ramillies Estate and Cheadle Hulme. The headings link to further pages:

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Burglar with cirle and bar through

Some excellent advice from our retired village Police Officer, Keith Dean, on how to protect your property.
A few minutes spent reading this could prevent the upset and inconvenience of being a victim of crime.

Box of Lost and Found Items

Whether you've lost something or found something that someone must be missing, you can post details here and we'll try reunite the owner and the item.

This relies completely on you so please contact us if you find or lose something. We won't put any contact details on the site.
To report an item lost or found, you canemail us and we'll put you in touch.

Neighbourhood Watch logo

As with any area, there is crime such as burglary, minor vandalism and we do get door-to-door traders offering services, some of whom are not reputable.

It would be nice if this didn't happen but if it does, it's useful for everyone to know, so the rest of us can be more vigilant.
This section shares information from each other, the Homewatch coordinators and Police.

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